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3 CD Bundle



Fear can cripple you, it usually has its root in  some past event. Often it leads to anger. Rejection is often a root of pain as well. In this 3 CD package I cover all three.

Find your healing in these teachings.

A Soul For Sale


Have you ever heard the expression, I sold my soul to the devil? Do you believe a person actually would sell their soul? Well I did…

Betrayal, The Deepest Cut


A wound to be healed, betrayal comes in different forms, adultery, lying, sexual abuse, gossip, breaking a confidence and many other ways…

Bound But Determind To Be Set Free


Jesus said, “whom the Son sets free, is free indeed”, and yet many people still remain bound. How do we overcome our past, the hurts, a betrayal that is so hard to forget and the memories that are so painful? From bondage to freedom. The steps to getting there.

This teaching will take you step by step to your healing.

Exposing The Darkness


This Expose’ is on how Satan has slipped into our life, the lives of our children and the church. Movies, games, toys, music it’s all on this popular teaching!

Inner Healing 5/CD’s


A guide to complete healing of “Emotions – Mind – Body”

5 CD package

Dose the past haunt you. Are you shackled by memories? Are you emotions tattered, wounded out of control. This 5 part series will set you free.

Life After Death


Life After Death, The True Resurrection

Everyone wants to know what happens when we die. Some claim to have died and come back to share their experiences. There are accounts in the Bible of those who have died and returned to earth, their stories are intriguing. Where was Lazarus when he was beckoned to come back to life? Then of course the greatest death and resurrection is Jesus Christ!This is a powerful teaching of the death and resurrection, and the truth about life after death.

The Blood and It’s Power


Why did God choose blood for atonement? Why did Jesus have to die? Why was his precious blood required? what is the origin of Christ’s blood and why is it so powerful against sin, demons and death? This incredible teaching will give you these answers and much more.

Most sought after teaching we have. There is power against sickness, demons, in the Blood, Learn it’s history and how to apply it.



Learning The Depth and Power of True Worship

What is it? A song or is there more? How do we properly worship?

Demons tremble when the children of God enter into the HOLY of HOLIES through worship. Bodies are healed, and minds are restored when the “true worshiper” worships the living God. This message will challenge you to a deeper dimension of worship. It will teach you what worship really is and how to receive your deliverance and miracle.