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I strive to stay on the “cutting edge!” Taking on subject matter that’s controversial. Covering everything from the Illuminati, Curses, Demon oppression, exposing false teachings. I cover bible teaching, encouraging the listener to keep advancing and live on in the power of God.

My goal is to touch on every avenue of today’s pressing issues. Remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell. God bless.

Here are some of our featured videos of some of Carol’s books, testimonies and media appearances. For more great videos like these please visit our YouTube Channel and hit the Subscribe button to get notified every time a new video is added.

-Carol Kornaki

“Carol has used every avenue of broadcasting to share her heart wrenching story.
Telling millions of God’s power to reach, rescue and restore even the most destituteĀ and broken.

She has been seen and heard on Global Christian Broadcasting. You Tube, International Radio.”

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