Carol Kornacki

Carol Kornacki Ministries was birthed from her dramatic and compelling testimony. Born into a home of alcoholism and violence, Carol suffered from depression from an early age. Her father died after suffering from mental illness, Carol lived in fear of the same demise. As a young woman she left home pregnant and full of hate and bitterness. This lead to a life of alcoholism, drug addiction and a six-year journey into witchcraft and new age philosophy. Her life spiraled into attempted suicide, mental institutions and jail for drugs. Finally, she was told she had a fatal liver disease that was sure to take her life. Carol was in this condition when a friend invited her to church. She wandered in one night only to be struck by God’s miraculous power. Carol was healed, delivered and set free…never to be the same!

Carol Kornacki Ministries Today

Today Carol Kornacki Ministries is reaching countless people with Jesus Christ’s life-changing message through television, radio, seminars, conferences and churches throughout the world. Carol Kornacki Ministries has reached out on an international level by both radio and television. Carol has hosted her own program called,” Keys to the Kingdom,” She has appeared on the “700 Club,” “TBN,” “Daystar Christian Television Network,” “Sky Angel,” “Life, with James and Betty Robison, and a host of others. Carol Kornacki Ministries is determined to set the captives free through this wonderful gospel that has changed her life. Therefore, Carol ministers in prisons and rehabilitation centers. Carol Kornacki Ministries believes in caring for the orphan and supporting the widow and so this ministry faithfully sows into these lives.

Women’s Healing Clinic’s

As it becomes more and more apparent that women are hurting and in need of special attention, Carol has begun meetings exclusively for women called, “Women’s Healing Clinic’s.” In these powerful meetings women get special attention in regards to their personal needs. They are prayed for and many testify of God’s love and power giving them strength and new hope.

Another focus of Carol Kornacki Ministries is the ever-growing interest in witchcraft and spiritualism in youth as well as adults. Having learned first hand the devices of Satan, Carol is warning families across the globe about the subtle ways He gets into your home and the minds of all ages. In a seminar titled, Exposing the Darkness,” Carol covers how seeds of violence and witchcraft can corrupt. This PowerPoint presentation is riveting and all ages attend. Thousands of souls have come to the Lord after viewing the information.

The Heart of Carol Kornacki

The heart of Carol Kornacki Ministries is to minister to people and to give them hope; to encourage them through God’s mighty Word; to educate and strengthen the body of Christ; and to let every person know that Jesus is Lord and He can and will bring us through until we see Him face to face.