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Fear & Life After Death

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Life After Death – The True Resurrection

Life After Death~ What does the bible say about this subject?

Everyone wants to know what happens when we die. Some claim to have died and come back to share their experiences. There are accounts in the Bible of those who have died and returned to earth, their stories are intriguing. Where was Lazarus when he was beckoned to come back to life? Then of course the greatest death and resurrection is Jesus Christ!This is a powerful teaching of the death and resurrection, and the truth about life after death.

Fear – How To Overcome Satan’s Greatest Device

We can overcome our fears. This message will take you on the road to freedom.

Fear is satan’s strong point in binding and crippling God’s people. If you can make someone afraid, you can literally control them. This dynamic message will reveal how to overcome, how to have complete victory over fear, and how to stand against evil spirits through God’s mighty power!

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